Massage and Fitness room interior in Luxury Home Spa 01

This Massage and Fitness room belongs to the luxury home SPA zone of the private residence. The SPA zone of this house includes a sauna, a hammam steam room, a swimming pool with the hydrotherapy spa pool and also the excellent massage and fitness room. We always stay focus on comforts and aesthetics, and because of this, we decided for the Fitness room being combined with the Massage room, so as to involve in it the universal space for fitness training and wellness.

Private Swimming Pool interior in Luxury Home Spa 01

This excellent swimming pool is a part of the luxury home SPA in private residence. The Home SPA is divided into several zones and includes a sauna, hammam steam room, and swimming pool with hydrotherapy spa pool, massage and fitness room options. Therefore, design and implementation of a home SPA with a swimming pool, sauna and a hammam steam room is an ambitious project which requires strong technical knowledge. This elegant design of the swimming pool interior is the culmination of the collaboration between the home builder company, and the INDESIGNCLUB interior architects from the initial planning stages to completion.

Turkish Baths traditions in the Luxury Hammam interior 01

This traditional Turkish Hammam with a hint of modern touch is a part of a Luxury Home SPA in the Residence. The Hammam interior design combines fine traditions of the East, the possibilities of new technologies and our original vision and ideas. Delightful decorations fill the interior features with a romantic mood. This Hammam interior is accomplished with original architectural solutions.

Study Room with Home Library interior in classic style 01

Our next project is The Study Room with Home Library in the private house. This is Study Room which is located in the southwest corner of the second floor of the house. This gorgeous room is designed in a traditional English style. The study room of the house was reserved for the use as the private office and family reading room. Also, this room is to operate a home business and conducting business meetings etc.

The Library design (including office space) is not only a functional space but also a great help for those studying and working from home. To us, a home library is a room which design, purpose, and functionality are devoted to books first and foremost. Built-in bookcases grant permanence and precedence to the placement of ‘knowledge’ in the room.

Interior design of a wine cellar in the private residence 01

The storage of wine is a delicate science, balancing requirements of temperature and humidity with space and accessibility. Our next project is the Wine Cellar with Built-in mahogany wine-racks. It is a classic style interior of the wine cellar in the H Residence. The wine cellar is located in the northeast corner of the ground floor of the house. This is a traditional Wine Cellar with natural stone tile floors, brick walls, high ceiling, and the forged chandeliers. Ideal symmetry of wine racks and their beautiful combination with the design of the ceiling blow the mind of any visitor of the wine cellar.

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