Bedroom Interior Design in Elegant Neoclassical Style 01

This is the Neoclassical Style Bedroom for the pretty young lady is situated on the second floor in the southeast corner of the private house. This classy and spacious bedroom also has its own separate bathroom and the wardrobe room. The bedroom option truly aimed to be a relaxing corner, where the owner spends most of the time restoring their forces for the upcoming days and just enjoying the beautiful time of her life.

Elegant Guest Bedroom interior in Art Deco style 01

This is one more Guest Bedroom which is located in the north-west part of the second floor of the residence. This is a spacious room with its own bathroom option. The bedroom, whether it is an owner’s one or for the temporarily staying guests, always deserves special attention, as it is going to be relaxing shelter, where guests will enjoy the stay in a fine stylish room and the owner’s welcoming gesture.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall 01

Our new project is a large and luxurious entry hall. It is the hall which combines the function of the foyer and rest zone and has a split-level space with a gallery on the second floor. The interior of this hall is executed in classical style and, it is not just a hall - it is the huge flowing space which unites various functional zones of the luxurious and big house.

Conciseness and grandeur, austerity and luxury, serenity and solidity - all are integral features of the classical direction. Truly a space of grand luxury and opulence, this hall is more of a living space than an entry foyer. While a large foyer may seem excessive, it serves a great purpose for the house. We relate the different elements, such as fine architectural details, functional elements, and sophisticated furnishings within this space, to achieve balance and symmetry and to give character to whole design conception. The luxury atmosphere comes from the range of details and decor.

Living Room interior design in elegant Classic style 01

This is the project of the Living Room in the private residence. This Living Room is located in the southeast corner of the first floor of the house. As long as the family room is the heart of every private house, it is, certainly, the room where family and friends gathering to talk, relax and enjoy themselves and the company of each other.

Interior design of classic style family dining room 01

We are glad to present to you our latest work within the project of the interior design for H Residence. This is a classic style interior design of the dining room in the H Residence. This wonderful bright Dining Room is located in the northeast corner on the first floor of the house. It is located directly above the Main Ground Floor Kitchen and looks out upon the garden.

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