Sauna interior in Luxury Home Spa

Sauna interior in Luxury Home Spa 01

This interior design of Sauna has become an important part of the Home SPA in the private residence. The project provides a comprehensive spa area in which there is a swimming pool, hammam, sauna, massage and fitness room. The sauna interior project is designed to give both sensory and aesthetic pleasure. In the sauna interior, the ceiling, walls, and floor are finished by natural wood to bring its traditional unicity as a kind of unity with the nature experience. Moreover, as a basis, we have taken the natural woods of valuable species. Thus, this high-quality sauna gives an interesting visual appearance due to a fusion of the natural and modern up-to-date materials.

This luxury sauna design was built in a particularly noble wood combination: the bright aspen contrasts with its ease and pleasant feel to the darker cedar. Furthermore, the use of Abachi white wood on the bench makes it comfortable to touch — even at the high temperatures.

Sauna interior in Luxury Home Spa 02

The highlight of the interior design project is by far the stove by Kalina Termofor, which is appropriately lined with beige marble. The Kalina Inox wood-burning sauna stove of a premium class is the queen of «Termofor» stoves. It is characterized by the beautiful appearance, its strength, and position in the overall interior of the room. Moreover, it combines a technically powerful sauna stove features with a hint of a burning process showcase – an atmospheric fireplace. We have installed the stove in the sauna in such a way that the laying of firewood is carried out directly in the sauna steam room. This is a quite unusual decision for sweating rooms, but, in this case, the solution is the best to give the sauna special charm. Being in a sauna, it is possible to observe the burning of live fire that creates surprising feelings of comfort and unity with the fire element. The wall-part on the installation site of a stove is finished by the same marble for completing the general composition of a fire-burning place.

Sauna interior in Luxury Home Spa 03

Furthermore, the warm natural shades of the wood and stone are supplemented with the bright accents in the form of lines of the LED backlight. The backrest lighting, changing in different colors, adds the interior a special mood. The light from the lower bench lighting shimmers on the walls of the sauna. For the walls, its lights bathe the sauna into the soft light and supplement lighting, thus, it is ready for the creation of a final impression which allows to immerse yourself in a comfortable state. Eventually, the purpose of this design is to create a distinctive and even unique interior with two-toned wood and awesome lighting, while focusing on creating comforts with the use of the highest quality materials and a premium class sauna stove.

Sauna interior in Luxury Home Spa 04

This sauna project by INDESIGNCLUB presents itself in creating the expressive design and soft relaxing home SPA atmosphere. We always say that the pleasant light leads to a harmonious feeling of space. The Home Spa Sauna not only literally shines due to its wonderful lighting design, but also it has a bright technical solution, so is a technical all-rounder.

Sauna interior in Luxury Home Spa 06

Author of the project - architect, interior designer Victor Kucherenko.