Conceptual design of the covered market - exterior - view #2

"Smart Market" is a conceptual project of a covered market, located on the territory of 0.915 hectares at the address: Kiev, st. Bolshaya Okruzhnaya, 4. The site is located in the territory of the former "Electronmash" plant surrounded by buildings that were previously part of this enterprise. Smart Market is a one-story building with a height of 10.86 meters and a built-up area of 8920 m2. The market is focused on the sale of non-food products with an emphasis on modern gadgets and electronic devices.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel view 01

The plain and quiet three stories 36 room Chalet Style Mini Hotel for "Equides Club" - equestrian club and hotel-park complex with the concept of rehabilitation and recreation, located 24 km from the center of Kiev in the village Lisnyky on the territory of 16 hectares on picturesque hills and fields. The site is located in a beautiful location on the shores of the lake, where pristine nature, clean air, and silence contribute to a sense of harmony with nature.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 01

A Posteriori Residence is a private house which is located in Plyuty village, Kiev, Ukraine. The construction is designed in classical style with the use of the Doric order method for proportions. The total area of the house is 1680 sq. m. This classic style charming villa recalled the architectural traditions of ancient Greece and Rome. The site on which the house is located in the riverside, the bank of the gulf of the Kozinka River the tributary of the Dnieper River has a small bias of relief towards a river. The site of 0.56 hectare (1.38 acre) is surrounded with semi-centennial pines.

Concept design of a High End Shopping Mall facade 1_1

The facade design project is executed within the project of reconstruction for the already existing building, including industrial function and reorientation of its mission to a shopping center. There is version #1 (from the three designs) of Concept Design of the High-End Shopping Mall facade. This building is located at the 4/13 Bolshaya okruzhnaya str. Kiev, Ukraine. The redesign of the shopping centre includes a completely new look for the facade and a full makeover of the space inside the complex.

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