Glamour Bedroom interior in Luxury Neoclassical style

Glamour Bedroom interior in Luxury Neoclassical style 01

This is the Second Master Bedroom which is situated on the second floor in the southeast corner of the house. This stylish and spacious bedroom also has its own separate bathroom and the wardrobe. The bedroom environment truly aimed to be a relaxing corner, where owners spend most of the time restoring their forces for the upcoming days and just enjoying the time of their lives.

The focal decisive factor for luxurious bedroom interior design is always bi-functionality of the space that ought to be both a cozy sleeping place and a luxurious boudoir. We always take functionality and practicality into account, when it comes to designing that unique place at home.

Glamour Bedroom interior in Luxury Neoclassical style 02

The room is divided into two zones, which is sleeping and additional space. The bed is the central element of the sleeping zone; additional elements of personal comfort are positioned in accordance with it. The position of the bed is ideally facing the center of the room. There is, as well, direct access to the balcony through the wide up-to-ceiling balcony-doors.

The glamorous DV Home Collection bed from SUPERBIA collection and the bench from AVERY collection are our ultimate choice for this bedroom. In addition to the bed, we have chosen the Fratelli Barri nightstands which look excellent and suit a classic style perfectly. Under the nightstands, we have fitted the cabinets with drawers, where owners can store their personal belongings.

Glamour Bedroom interior in Luxury Neoclassical style 03

The luxuriously classic dressing table with built-in mirror and a padded stool from the Venezia collection by Fratelli Barri occupies one of the central spaces. Seats are also vital elements for that type of interior, so we have placed comfortable and simply beautiful armchairs from Modenese Gastone, CASANOVA Collection opposite to the Vismara TV stand. Owners must really feel comfortable from the very first sight of the bedroom interior, thus we have also added a small writing table by Fratelli Barri with its own lighting to give an opportunity to finish up the daily work, while not leaving the bedroom.

Glamour Bedroom interior in Luxury Neoclassical style 04

We consider the bedroom lighting as a special task to do and functionality is what matters the most. Thus, so as to create both beautiful and functional lighting effects we usually tend to apply a set of various light sources. Here we can see that the general illumination is performed by the ceiling linear LED lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps, linear LED wall lamps and, of course, by the central chandeliers. In the interior of this bedroom, we have used the Osgona Argento chandelier and the wall lamps, Osgona Gressa table lamps. All lighting is perfectly coinciding with the color scheme and the overall decor.

Glamour Bedroom interior in Luxury Neoclassical style 05

The walls of the bedroom are finished by the wood panels, painted in white color with dark wood inserts. In the wall panels are set the linear LED lamps, which are able to change the color scheme of the illumination, creating an impressive atmosphere of the bedroom interior. Classical dark hardwood flooring inspires warm and welcoming emotions. For a more relaxing and inspiring mood, we incorporate several shades by painting walls and using subtle decorations that do a little intensify the senses. We applied such colors as white, lightly creamy and dark woody color, some silver and lilac shades. This Second Master bedroom interior is as much relaxing, as it is glamorous. Eventually, the most important is that the interior design corresponds to the requirements and lifestyle of the owners.

Author of the project - architect, interior designer Victor Kucherenko.