A Posteriori Residence is a private house which is located in Plyuty village, Kiev, Ukraine. The construction is designed in classical style with the use of the Doric order method for proportions. The total area of the house is 1680 sq. m. This classic style charming villa recalled the architectural traditions of ancient Greece and Rome. The site on which the house is located is the riverside, the bank of the gulf of the Dnieper River has a small bias of relief towards a river. The site of 0.56 hectare (1.38 acre) is surrounded with semi-centennial pines.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 02

A Posteriori Residence is built as a two-story house with spacious floors. On the first floor it comprises: an entrance hall which gives access to the lounge and dining room, an office and meeting room with access to the veranda, two toilet rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen with a dining room, as well, with the covered terrace. Also, at the first floor, we have placed swimming pool, fitness room with sauna and restroom and acoustic room for proper live music sounding effect. Second floor: the main suite with a dressing room, a bathroom and balcony has a riverfront view, nursery, four further suites, two of which have their own dressing rooms and bathrooms, one of which has a terrace. At the second floor, there are the home-cinema room with the balcony, the room for staff and the toilet room. In the basement, there is a large wine cellar, a fully-equipped kitchen for staff, a storage room, a laundry room, and a swimming pool service room. The covered built-in garage, with the space available for three cars, has been placed on the right side from the main entrance.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 03

At the main entrance side, the two-story portico is supported by two levels of columns, with the balcony framing the entry group. The main entrance door’s design is simple, with inserted glass that visually opens an external view onto the area of the central hall. To the right from the main entrance, we have designed a separate entrance to the business part of the house. The portico provides an impressive entrance to this part of house.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 04

The interesting design solution in this project is the volume of the bathroom and the master bedroom, which are taken out on columns and form the terrace for the meeting room on the floor below. Thus, we have managed both the beautiful riverfront view from the bathroom’s window and the fine form for the western facade of the house.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 05

The astonishing features of this building are definitely wide windows and four giant fluted Doric columns which support the portico from the river side. This portico is a full two-story that creates a spectacular view. From the times of the ancient Greeks, high Doric columns and imposing pediments were meant to impress with its splendour.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 06

The part of the house section in which we have placed the swimming pool creates fine feeling of interpenetration each other of external and internal spaces. The swimming pool from three sides is surrounded by a colonnade with an entablature which are supported the classical duo-pitch weight of the roof with a skylight.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 07

In our project, the entablature is uncharacteristically plain. There is small molding which divides an architrave and a frieze, band of dentils on cornice, but no triglyphs or metopes as you would ordinary find in a classic Doric order entablature. The windows on the ground layer are all corniced, and the upper-level windows have discrete and aesthetically pleasing stone window-surrounds. Every detail of this building is perfectly thought over and designed with the specific attention. Everything is solid and respectable here, every element, even the smallest one is designed carefully, because the little things always make up the big picture.

Gorgeous Classic style private house A Posteriori Residence 09

At the heart of the construction design the house has a monolithic reinforced concrete base-slab and the monolithic reinforced concrete bearing framework. Structurally, the house consists of three sections which are divided by building expansion joints. Filling of external walls is executed with the use of the ceramic brick. External thermal insulation of the building is executed with the mineral wool. For facing of the facade with a heavy natural stone the thermal insulation plates have been fixed to external walls by means of a special grid, and anchors from stainless steel and atop the thick plaster coat has been covered. For external main facing, we have chosen light-cream shade of the Crimean limestone and dark brown shade of granite for facing of a basement.

A Posteriori Residence is inspired by the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. This gorgeous house reflects the grace and beauty of a classical architecture. The architectural design by INDESIGNCLUB keeps the essences of the classical period, while creating a contemporary feeling for owner’s comfort.

Author of the project - architect Victor Kucherenko.